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Tales of Tequila is the digital magazine by Mundo Cuervo. A concept that tells the story of Jalisco. A journal that brings back our best memories to show you the origins of our services and products.

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December may not be the most popular season for getting married since weddings are usually celebrated in winter, summer, or at the latest in autumn. However, Mundo Cuervo believes that winter is perfect for saying - I do -. Weddings at Tequila, Jalisco combine a spectacular and magical essence with Mexican traditions. It is worth mentioning that the majestic sceneries in this Pueblo Mágico will be perfect for your special day’s photoshoot. Also, you can find beautiful haciendas, a type of rural mansion with halls set and decorated as in XIX century France.

If you have not yet made your mind on where to celebrate your wedding, keep reading and find out

Why is winter the best time to get married in Pueblo Mágico Tequila?

1. Haciendas and party halls

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Tequila has many different party halls, most of them with Mexico’s vintage style. Picture this: your wedding at a large classic Mexican hacienda with agave at the entrance, beautiful gardens, and royalty-like decoration. Tequila is perfect for making your fairy tale wedding dream come true. The cold weather creates the ideal environment for a full Mexican experience, traditions, mariachi music, and Jose Cuervo Tequila cocktails. “Hacienda el Centenario” is our favorite place for this. It was inspired in the ranches where tequila was prepared, and it was adapted for hosting all kinds of events.

2. Amazing photos with mountain background.

Tequila, known as “The land of the blue agave,” is surrounded by a mountain chain and beautiful vegetation, the perfect background for adventurer couples. Imagine a full photoshoot starting at the breathtaking agave fields and finishing at the bottom of the Tequila Volcano. Both romantic and exciting experiences preserved forever in your wedding photo album.

3. The honeymoon just around the corner

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Right after your wedding at Hacienda el Centenario, you can celebrate your honeymoon in Tequila, Jalisco. It all starts at Solar de las Ánimas boutique hotel, where you and your couple can consummate your marriage. During your stay, you will be able to enjoy its surroundings and choose from many options to visit. However, our recommendation is to take tours focused on Mexico’s national drink, tequila. Mundo Cuervo© offers a wide variety of options, for example, a guided tour through La Rojeña, Latin America’s oldest distillery, and visits to agave fields and Charreria museums at Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center.

4. Plenty of halls and activities

Another point in favor of celebrating your wedding in December is high availability. You will have access to all different locations and choose your favorite with no limitations regarding time and little worry of it being booked for another event. Besides, tours will be just for you! It will be the happiest day of your life.

Go ahead and have your winter wedding in Pueblo Mágico Tequila! Get ready for a unique, joyful and romantic wedding along with Mundo Cuervo and Hacienda el Centenario.

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