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Tales of Tequila is the digital magazine by Mundo Cuervo. A concept that tells the story of Jalisco. A journal that brings back our best memories to show you the origins of our services and products.

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The artisanal production of tequila is the most significant affair for Tequila-Master Blenders. As they are experts in making fine tequila, having a process less than perfect is unacceptable. Moreover, when they must picture the Mexican soul in every single drop of tequila.


This exceptional labor begins with the harvest of agave cores, which is known as jimada. During this stage, some reapers, called jimadores, cut and prepare the crops for the next steps in the They show us how to enjoy tequila

According to experts, when you taste a fine tequila, you must take your time. A great way to enjoy all the flavors, scents, and notes it has, consists of awaking your tastebuds. So, it would be best if you first take a small sip, move it inside your mouth and then you gulp it. After doing this, it's supposed that you will be more aware of every single flavor tequila has.

They use their nose to tell a fine Tequila

Once your taste bus are ready to feel the flavors, it's time to let your nose define some aromas and tell if tequila is fine or not. To do so, you must place the border of the cup over your nose, near the forehead. Then, take a deep breath with your mouth closed and hold it for a second. Finally, exhale it in your mouth. You may scent all the delicious aromas it has. If you can perceive the sweetness of caramelized agave, then you are in front of a great bottle of tequila.

They can choose the perfect tequila for any occasion.

Tequila, as you may know, is plenty of scents and aromas. Depending on the type of tequila you drink, you may scent some herbal aromas or spicier ones like brown-sugar and caramel. Master-Blenders have thus created some rules to choose the ideal tequila, depending on the occasion. First, if you want to make some cocktails, then you must go for a White-Tequila. On the other side, if you will drink it straight or on the rocks, you would instead opt for an aged, extra-aged or ultra-aged one.

Noviembre_2_Que significa ser un maestro tequilero3

They always prefer 100% -agave Tequila.

When it comes to buying tequila, there are several options you can pick. So, a master-blender trick that never fails is always to buy 100%-blue-agave-tequila. Beyond tasting so much better than any other, it has the best body and the best aroma. So, there's no way to get wrong with this.


As you can notice, If Tequila-master blenders didn't exist, there wouldn't be any fine tequila either. So, if you want to become one, just follow their advice and drink the finest tequila, drink Jose Cuervo. distillery.


Once there, they immediately get into some stone-ovens where they got caramelized. As fire heat these cores, you can smell a scent as sweet as honey all around the place.


As you can see, there are several reasons why Tequila-Master Blenders make a considerable difference when producing tequila. So, if you want to discover them all, we encourage you to keep reading this post.


Why are Tequila-Master Blenders crucial for making fine tequila?

Their impressive knowledge about tequila

There couldn't be any fine tequila without these master blenders. As they know pretty much everything about agave, they have mastered the traditional process of making fine tequila. So, today, thanks to them, we can all enjoy a delicious glass of Tequila Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

They taught us how to marry tequila

Tequila is the first-choice drink in Mexico. It has been the basis of several dishes, desserts, and cocktails. So, there's no surprise that master blenders had created some rules to join an exquisite meal with a refreshing drink and enjoy both to the limit. Despite this fact, it is also well-known that tasting tequila direct from the barrel is a fantastic experience as well.


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