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Tales of Tequila is the digital magazine by Mundo Cuervo. A concept that tells the story of Jalisco. A journal that brings back our best memories to show you the origins of our services and products.

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Latest Posts

How to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Tequila?

9/30/19 8:17 PM
3 min read

The mexican history of railways

9/24/19 11:37 AM
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You cannot leave Tequila without taking these photos

7/29/19 11:38 AM
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Shout Viva Mexico in Tequila 2019

7/24/19 9:26 AM
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Easy guide to choose fine tequila

7/12/19 3:45 AM
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Tequila Laundering Basins

6/11/19 3:31 AM
4 min read

Tienda Raya

5/30/19 11:07 AM
4 min read

Spas in Tequila

5/21/19 11:03 AM
4 min read

Summer Vacations in Tequila 2019

5/15/19 3:33 AM
5 min read

The History of the Margarita

5/8/19 11:01 AM
5 min read
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