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Tales of Tequila is the digital magazine by Mundo Cuervo. A concept that tells the story of Jalisco. A journal that brings back our best memories to show you the origins of our services and products.

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Latest Posts

Why is winter the best time to get married in Tequila?

12/26/19 3:08 PM
3 min read

Pairing on the rails

12/24/19 3:07 PM
2 min read

Welcome 2020 at Tequila, Jalisco

12/10/19 2:14 PM
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Tequila Winter Tour

12/3/19 3:00 PM
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Five reasons to get married in Tequila

11/29/19 2:36 PM
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What to do in 24 hours in “El Pueblo Mágico de Tequila”

11/20/19 2:44 PM
3 min read

What does being Tequila-Master Blender mean?

11/12/19 2:42 PM
4 min read

5 facts you don't know about La Rojeña

11/11/19 2:40 PM
3 min read

The secrets of tequila cellars

11/1/19 10:31 PM
3 min read

Mexican food is better with tequila

10/29/19 10:25 PM
3 min read
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